#whileblack #livingwhileblack #copsasweapons cops as weapons. Calling the cops on Black People

They Use Cops as Their Weapons of Choice

With the social and political climate in America being so stormy, there seems to be an epidemic of white people – mostly white women – calling the police on Black Folks for reasons that seem unreasonable. This has led me to believe that white people are using police as their own person weapons. White people know, that no matter how ridiculous and unreasonable their stories are, the police will listen to them.

In these situations there is usually a Black person not staying within their assigned “social place”. One would be right to scratch their heads and wonder, “what is a Black Person’s Place?” It’s far easier to tell you what is outside a Black Person’s place than it is to tell you what is within it. You know the boundaries change depending on interaction, but the common factor is that Black Folks are not heeding there “sociological place”. Once the obeying doesn’t happen, that’s when the weapons come out. Those weapons being the police.

We are talking about white people who call the cops as way to force Black Folks to obey. Let’s call them Cop Baiters. They are hoping to bait the cops into using force against Black Folks for existing.

Why do white people keep calling the police on Black Folks? Because it works. The police haven’t done anything to stop it. Because nothing is being done to curb the behavior and because police feel it’s their job to answer all calls, the police are aiding and abetting the behavior.

Let’s take a look at police

Most logical people recognize that the police are citizens just like the rest of us. They come with their own biases and assumptions, the same biases and assumptions that exist in the rest of society. But, along with those biases come the license to kill. This license to kill is what the Cop Baiters are after. The Cop Baiters know the cops are load, ready and licensed to kill. #whileblack

Something needs to be done about this. False calls need to be dealt with seriously, and civil suites need to be filed against these callers. The pain of calling in this Cop Baiting Calls needs to be greater than their white privilege being ignored. Black Folks need to be granted restitution, and the Cop Baiters need to be punished. The children that are exposed to this trauma are especially damaged. There trauma should be dealt with as true child-victims of damaging trauma. #whileblack

Let’s get started

(The is list is not chronological, and does not include calls that resulted in death. The calls the resulted in death will be a separated list):