Ala. Senate Race: Thank Black Women for Their Moral Compass

The Roy Moore Election didn’t go as planned for accused pedophile. Many folks are patting themselves on the back for not electing the accused pedophile to the US Senate — but not so fast. When looking at the demographic breakdown of votes cast in the election — African American Women are the champions good and righteousness. African American Women vote 98% against Roy Moore, compared to 63% of white women voting for Moore and 73% of white men voting for Moore. Where were Black Men? There were there too — thank goodness – 93% against Moore. There are questions to be asked about that 7% not voting against Moore. 1% of that were write-in-candidates, so there is that.

The fact that African American Women voted against Moore should not be a surprise, since they are the most educated demographic in America. Maybe the US should take time to consider this when electing officials, hiring candidates, creating laws and enforcing laws. Although the media continues to paint African American Women in a negative light, the fact and statistics speak for themselves – whether it is this election or in their contributions to society, hats go off to African American Women, true juggernauts of America.

Thank you for being strong, wise, spiritual and caring. Thank you for your moral compass. You deserve only the best the God and society can offer.

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