Blackkklansman [REVIEW]

This will be the most untraditional review that you probably have read. It’s untraditional in it’s presentation and these thoughts are unlike any you will read in mainstream media outlets. So, please have a read and think about where we are today as a country.

  • Unbelievable plot
    • If someone had sent you this plot written in the mail, you would have just read it as poorly conceived fiction. It’s real. It’s the past that many Americans refuse to want to deal with. You know the line: “Why does everything have to be about race?” The answer to this question is that most things are about race, and if not about race are about gender. We want to benefit from racism, and not deal with it’s negative impacts of the people that are oppressed by the institution of white supremacy. The majority population wants to maintain the institution of white supremacy while pretending they are not for it. This movie sheds on little light of this hypocrisy.
  • Black hero
    • The hero is a Black man who is trying to make a mark in this world for himself. He truly believes he can make America better. And looks like he did.
  • Clear vision of society’s hypocrisy
    • Spike pulls back the curtain on America’s hypocrisy. He shows how on one hand American says it is against racism, but on the other hand the people who are supposed to be fighting racism are racist themselves – although not klan-type racist, which makes them feel better about their racism and white supremacist-beliefs.
  • Interesting story telling with subtle humor that you have to be aware to understand
    • Even though this is a movie about hate. Spike Lee manages to make us laugh at times – if you are aware for the nuances.
  • Can’t see the forest for the trees
    • When in the middle of and experience it is difficult to see things for what they are because they are too close for us to be able to see them in totality. Spike Lee is able to stitch the bigger picture together for us during the final scene of the movie. He is able to bring the terrible past forward to the present, and then he joins them.
    • We expect to progress as time moves along, but it looks like we may have gone backwards. This movies shows how delicate progress is, and how the past is being replayed right now.

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